'EQUALITY WALL 2019' | Stonewall Though An Artist's Eyes | May 31-July 5 | Reception

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 EQUALITY WALL 2019 | Stonewall Though An Artist's Eyes

May 31-July 5 | Reception June 8  

This exhibit by national & local artists celebrates the achievements of the Stonewall legacy,  human rights & equality .  Presented by  CLAUDIA CASTILLO ART studio for its second year in honor of the 50th Anniversity of the Stonewall Riots

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EQUALITY WALl 2019 | Stonewall Through An Artist Eye


In honor of the 50th anniversity of the Stonewall Riots, CLAUDIA CASTILLO ART studio presents the 

“EQUALITY WALL 2019” Exhibit, a collection of 6”x6” artwork by artists from the Call for Artists | 

Stonewall Through An Artist’s Eyes | Showing  May 3-July 5. 

OPENING RECEPTION | Saturday, June 8, 2019 | starting at 6pm

Art | Music | Wine | Delightful Bites | Friends

This exhibit brings together national and local artists to celebrate the achievements of the Stonewall legacy, equality and human rights. The exhibit aims to inspire us and future generations to never give up on 

advocating for a world vision of equality and inclusion for the LGBTQA community.

Participating Artists:

Todd Black | Laurence Levine | Yochi Yakir-Avin | Veronica Cruz | Leah Anisz | Brett Buttler | Virginia Praschnik

 Juan Carlos Besares | Laura Ficorilli | Dio Viera | Joel Chalen | Gerardo Perez-Drago | Rosaria Aestus Vigorito

 |oann Biondi | Rachel Rub Peicher |Anabel Peicher | Ilyas Kirkan | Charles Unal | John Melecio

 Fatos Unsal | Lifrancis Rojas | John Bygott | Magdaly Montenegro

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