'R E T R O S P E C T I V E ' | by Charlie LoDuca | Sep 7 - Oct 4 | Reception Sept 21

Featured Artists

Claudia Castillo Quintana


Claudia Castillo was born in Colombia and educated in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota. She sought additional arts studies in the Finishing School, NY; Frank Monaco Gallery, the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and the National University of Colombia. Claudia’s art is a process of transformation that starts with an inspired idea from the emotion evoked from nature, earth and water. The outcome is instinctive and spontaneous: simply colors and forms. Claudia draws upon emotions to create her own sense of realism which is a transformative abstraction reflecting her unique reality of continual change.

Brenden Sanborn



Watercolorist Brenden Sanborn captures the beauty and sentiment of love with the male figure. Brenden chooses his medium for its fluidity, and native ability to express his vision— hoping that it translates emotional and spiritual weight to the viewer. Color holds a vivacious role in Brenden’s work, as the washes and layers build upon one another to achieve a delicate yet powerful aesthetic. Crafting these universes on paper moves Brenden to a meditative place just beyond the present, and it’s a journey he wishes you to join.

Brenden's work has been shown in several national art shows, galleries and charity auction events. His work is displayed in private collections in the US and internationally.

Aurelio Ayala III


Aurelio Ayala II is an internationally acclaimed hair stylist and color specialist.  Aurelio’s began using his talents to capture people and places of a different kind of beauty carving a niche for his unique and personal photography as a visual storyteller.  Recently Aurelio made a fourth trip back to the remote mountain village of Dharamsala, India to film His Holiness the Dalai Lama conferring the first graduating class of Tibetan nuns to receive the same degree as the male monks. Currently he lives in Seattle, Washington and is deeply involved in the Seattle homeless community, advocating amongst Seattle elite and policymakers to tackle the growing homeless problem. Aurelio's most importnant goal is that people no matter where, or their color and financial situation are heard!  “We are on this earth to laugh, cry, live and most of all to love and be LOVED!  With no boundaries!!”